Derek and Hannah Jeter Say It's a 'Little Different' Adding a Son to the Family: 'Great So Far' (Exclusive) (2024)

Derek Jeterand Hannah Davis Jeter have spent their summer settling into their family of six.

Speaking with PEOPLE about their partnership with Jeep for their Drove All Night campaign, the couple shares an update on adjusting to having a little boy after welcoming son Kaius Green in May.

"It's been different for me because I have a younger sister and then we had three girls, while Hannah had a brother. So having a boy is a little different for me," Derek tells PEOPLE. "But he's been great so far."

The five-time World Series champion, 49 — who also shares daughters River Rose, 21 months,Story Grey, 4, and Bella Raine, 6, with his wife of seven years — jokes, "He's not mobile yet, which makes it easier, but I'm sure things will get complicated in the next few months."

The couple decided to keep the news of their fourth baby quiet until after his arrival, explaining, "We've always valued privacy and continue to value that."

"We wanted to wait and share the news til we felt the time was right, and that just so happened to be right after he was born. He was actually born on Hannah's birthday, so we were excited to share that news."

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The family of six spent the summer enjoying time together and settling into their new normal.

"We took all of our kids on their first trip to Cooperstown. It was her idea to bring all four of them," Derek laughs. "So that was our first trip with all of us together. And then we were in — I'm doing some work with Fox Sports, so we took our oldest girls to London to cover a London game this summer."

Noting that they managed to "pack in some trips," he also adds, "we were just in the Bahamas for our oldest's birthday. Now, we're back in school."

"They're back in school! They're back in school as of [last] Monday, so we have a couple of hours during the day," Hannah, 33, shares. "But then, they're back and they're super psyched. They come home with a lot of energy."

The Jeters say they're "like any parents" during this time of year — trying to learn a new schedule.

"It's pick up, drop-offs, after-school activities. We're leaving here soon to go to tennis practice with our two older kids, maybe our third, I don't know," Hannah says, joking that at least "there are naps."

Derek adds, "It's a constant schedule."

The on-the-go family spends a lot of time together in their car, which is why their continued partnership with Jeep has worked so well for the growing family.

"We started our partnership with Jeep in October 2022 and for us, it's really authentic to who we are now and how our family has grown," Derek shares. "It's fitting, especially now that we went from needing a second row to needing a third row with our four car seats."

"We spend a lot of time in the car, whether it's school drop-off, pick-up, activities, sporting events. all of it," he continued. You almost spend more time in the car than you do at home, so it's been a really great partnership for us."

Aside from their commercials with the brand, the couple has also shared some sweet videos of moments shared with their daughters while in the car — from Derek's cute conversation with Story and Bella ahead of hisinduction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame when the familyvisited Yankee Stadiumfor the first time, to the moments they keep private.

"On our way to school or even in the summertime, we'd call it coffee talk, because the things that would come out of these girls mouths..." Hannah laughs.

"Sometimes, the questions that they would ask were just hilarious and we had to film it. It wasn't meant for social media but it was too funny. We had to share."

The family prides itself in staying positive and keeping the good times rolling through the "controlled chaos" that is raising four kids.

"I don't even know if you can say it's controlled chaos. It's just chaotic. We like to spend a lot of a lot of time with our kids, obviously, and then we try to take our time together," Derek says. "And then you also have to try to find time for yourself. That's how I think you keep your sanity. I don't think there's an easy answer to it. It's probably different for every person."

Agreeing, Hannah adds, "We obviously do a lot with our kids and that's sort of the center of our lives. So to just get away from that a little once in a while is nice. Then you can really appreciate it, even when you're in the thick of things."

Derek and Hannah Jeter Say It's a 'Little Different' Adding a Son to the Family: 'Great So Far' (Exclusive) (2)

"It's been a dream come true having children and creating this life for ourselves," Hannah says sincerely. "The hardest thing might be just finding time for yourself because I want to be with my kids all the time."

Hannah credits her husband for "always encouraging me to take time for myself, whether it's a night away or a trip. Anything just to get away and reset."

"Even if it's just taking time to go for a walk or listen to a podcast, that can be very helpful," she adds.

As things shift from summer to fall, Hannah and Derek are happy to take things "day by day" with their family.

"The holiday season will be here before you know it," Derek says. "That's always fun when you get towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids get excited to see family and friends and Santa Claus is coming. So we're looking forward to that fun."

Derek and Hannah Jeter Say It's a 'Little Different' Adding a Son to the Family: 'Great So Far' (Exclusive) (2024)
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