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NOTICE:All students receive their first UCSD ID Card forFREE. However, students must pay $25 for replacement ID cards. The Campus Cards Office will assess this charge to your student account after you fill out an ID Card Request Form.


All students enrolled/registered for the current school quarter or session are entitled to a single, official UCSD Student ID card from the University. Students who are not enrolled/registered are ineligible for a student ID card.


Incoming students must submit their ID photo via the online Photo Tool, as students will be unable to take photos at our office. Submitting your photo is critical, as professors and other campus staff use these photos for identification, exams, and additional academic purposes.


Your campus ID card will be printed with your legal name, unless you update your lived name on TritonLink via theSocial Identities Tool.

For new incoming Fall 2024 students: if you prefer to have your lived name printed on your campus ID card, please update it via theSocial Identities Tool by July 1.


Students are only allowed to have one UCSD ID card at any time to prevent fraudulent activity.


You may be asked to show a second form of physical identification (driver's license or Passport) when visiting our office.


Freshman | New Transfer Student

Students must submit their ID photo via the online Photo Tool.

Undergraduate students who will be living on campus will receive their first ID card at move-in. Undergraduates living off campus can request an ID card via our ID Card Request Form. Once our office processes your request you will get an email that your ID card is ready for pickup during business hours.

Graduate Students

Students must submit their ID photo via the online Photo Tool.

Our office partners with many graduate departments to coordinate ID card distribution for graduate students.

Graduate students -please first contact your graduate coordinator (or review any communication that they send) to determine if they will be distributing ID cards. If they will not, you can submit an ID Card Request Form to request your first student ID card. Once our office processes your request you will get an email that your ID card is ready for pickup during business hours.

Note:Visiting graduate students may qualify for anAffiliate ID Card.

School of Medicine | Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students receive an official student One Card from our office. Please follow these important steps below.

  • Attend your orientation events as scheduled to take your professional/white lab coat photos
  • These photos will be sent to the Campus Cards Office for processing
  • The Campus Cards Office will generate and print ID cards for all students, and then distribute them directly to your program's coordinator within two business days of receiving the photos
  • Your program coordinator will then arrange to distribute the ID cards to each student
  • Please do not visit our office, nor request your ID card from our office, as we will not be able to issue you an ID card.If you need your ID card prior to orientation, please ask your coordinator to make separate arrangements with our office.

Summer Session

Students must submit their ID photo via the online Photo Tool.

Students who are only attending summer session at UCSD should first find out from their program coordinator how they will receive their ID cards (i.e. from the Campus Cards Office or from their coordinator).

If their program will not be distributing ID cards, you can request your ID card by fillingout an ID Card Request Form.

Cross-Registered Students

Before going to theCampus Cards Office(map), cross-registered students will need to request their student PID from theRegistrar's Office, which is located on the 2nd floor of the same building as the Campus Cards Office (Student Services Center), as you will need your student PID before you can get yourstudent ID card.

Once you have your student PID, you can request an ID card by fillingout an ID Card Request Form. Please note that you will need to submit your photo via our online photo tool.

Division of Extended Studies Students

The Campus Cards Office now prints ID cards for UCSD Division of Extended Studies students! However, Extended Studies students will not receive their ID card directly from the Campus Cards Office. As a result, please do not visit our office to request an ID card.

Instead, Extended Studies students will receive their ID card from a program coordinator or other staff person. For more questions about how/when you will receive your first Extended Studies student ID card, or if you need to replace an ID card, please contact Extended Studies directly, or visit their webpage for more information.


Feel free to submit a case with our office by clicking below, if you have additional questions.

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How to get your campus ID (2024)
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