How to Print a Return Label for Your UPS Returns (2024)

Returning items you've purchased online can be a hassle, but thankfully, UPS makes it easy to print return labels right from their website or mobile app. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of printing a return label for your UPS returns, step by step.

Why You Need a Return Label

Before we dive in, let's discuss why a return label is necessary. A return label is a pre-paid shipping label that allows you to send back items to the sender without needing to pay for shipping fees yourself. With a return label, you can easily send back items you've purchased that may not fit, aren't what you expected, or arrived damaged.

Another reason why a return label is important is that it provides a hassle-free return process. Without a return label, you may have to go through the tedious process of contacting the seller, arranging for a return, and paying for shipping fees. With a return label, all you need to do is print it out, attach it to the package, and drop it off at the post office or shipping carrier.

Additionally, having a return label can also give you peace of mind when making online purchases. Knowing that you have the option to easily return an item if it doesn't meet your expectations can make you feel more confident in your buying decisions. It can also help build trust between you and the seller, as they are providing a convenient and reliable return process.

Understanding the UPS Returns Process

Before you can print a return label, it's important to understand the UPS returns process. First, you'll need to contact the company you purchased the item from and let them know you want to return it. They may provide you with a return label to use or instruct you to print one yourself. Once you have the return label, you'll need to prepare your package for shipping, attach the label securely, and send it off through a UPS drop-off location or arrange for a pickup.

It's important to note that UPS offers several options for returning packages, including UPS Drop Box, UPS Access Point, and UPS Store locations. These options provide convenient and secure ways to return your package, depending on your location and schedule. Additionally, UPS offers a tracking service that allows you to monitor the progress of your return package, ensuring that it reaches its destination safely and on time.

Creating a UPS Account for Returns

To print a return label through UPS, you'll need to create an account on their website. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Go to the UPS website and click on "Ship" in the top navigation bar. From there, click on "Create a Shipment" and follow the prompts to provide your shipping information, including your contact information, the recipient's information, and the weight and dimensions of your package. Additionally, you'll need to set up a method of payment for shipping fees, which can be either a credit card or UPS account.

If you choose to set up a UPS account for shipping fees, you'll have access to additional benefits such as discounted rates and the ability to track your packages more easily. To create a UPS account, click on "Sign Up" in the top right corner of the UPS website and follow the prompts to provide your personal and business information. Once your account is set up, you can easily manage your shipping preferences and track your packages through the UPS website or mobile app.

Steps to Print a Return Label on

Once you have a UPS account created, you can easily print a return label. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your UPS account on the website
  2. Select "Create a Shipment"
  3. Under "Return Type", select "Print Return Label"
  4. Enter the information requested such as the sender's and receiver's addresses, the weight of the package, and the reason for the return
  5. Select the type of shipping service you want to use, such as ground or overnight
  6. Finally, click "View/Print Label" to generate the return label

Printing a return label on is a convenient way to return items to the sender. However, it is important to note that the cost of the return label may be deducted from your refund or charged to your account.

Additionally, UPS offers various options for returning packages, such as dropping them off at a UPS location or scheduling a pickup. Be sure to check the available options and choose the one that works best for you.

Printing a Return Label on the UPS Mobile App

If you prefer to use the UPS mobile app, you can easily print your return label there as well. Here's how:

  1. Download and log in to the UPS mobile app
  2. Select "Shipping" from the main screen
  3. Choose "Create Shipment" and "Return Shipment" from the available options
  4. Follow the prompts to enter the necessary information
  5. Once completed, click "View Label" to see your return label and print it out.

It's important to note that the UPS mobile app also allows you to track your return package once it's been shipped. You can easily monitor its progress and receive notifications on its delivery status.

In addition, the UPS mobile app offers a variety of other features, such as scheduling pickups, finding nearby UPS locations, and calculating shipping rates. It's a convenient tool for all your shipping needs.

Tips for Printing Your Return Label Correctly

To ensure your return label is properly printed, follow these tips:

  • Make sure your printer is connected and working properly
  • Use high-quality paper to print the label
  • Ensure that the label is printed at 100% size without any scaling
  • Check that the barcode on the label appears clearly and is not smudged or distorted

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your printer has enough ink or toner to print the label clearly. Faded or blurry text can cause issues when trying to scan the barcode on the label.

Another helpful tip is to print a test page before printing the actual label. This can help you identify any issues with your printer or paper quality before wasting the label itself.

Using a UPS Drop-Off Location for Returns

You can drop off your return at any UPS drop-off location, which can typically be found at most shipping or office supply stores. Simply bring your package with the attached return label to the counter at the drop-off location, and they will scan the label and provide you with a receipt for proof of shipment.

It is important to note that some UPS drop-off locations may have specific hours of operation for accepting returns. It is recommended to check the hours of the drop-off location before making a trip to ensure that they are open and able to accept your return. Additionally, some drop-off locations may have size and weight restrictions for packages, so it is important to check with the location beforehand if you are returning a larger or heavier item.

Scheduling a UPS Pickup for Your Returns

If you don't have time to drop off your package at a UPS location, you can arrange for a pickup instead. You can schedule a pickup online, through the UPS mobile app, or by calling UPS customer service. Make sure to have your package ready and easily accessible for the driver to pick up.

When scheduling a pickup, you can choose a specific date and time that works best for you. UPS offers both same-day and future-date pickups, so you can plan accordingly. Additionally, if you have multiple packages to be picked up, you can schedule a single pickup for all of them.

It's important to note that there may be additional fees for scheduling a pickup, depending on your location and the type of service you choose. Make sure to check the UPS website or speak with a customer service representative to understand any potential costs.

Tracking Your UPS Returns Package

Once your return label has been printed and your package has been shipped, you can track its progress online or through the UPS mobile app. All you'll need is your tracking number, which can be found on your receipt or in your UPS account.

That's it! Printing a return label for your UPS returns is a simple process that can save you time and money in the long run. Follow these steps, and you'll be returning your online purchases with ease in no time.

It's important to note that UPS offers several options for returning packages, including drop-off at a UPS location, scheduling a pickup, or using a UPS Access Point location. Depending on your location and the size of your package, some options may be more convenient than others.

Additionally, UPS offers a variety of shipping services beyond just returns, including international shipping, same-day delivery, and freight services. If you frequently ship packages, it may be worth exploring these options to find the best fit for your needs.

How to Print a Return Label for Your UPS Returns (2024)
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