Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (2024)

Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (1)

Euro 2024 Group D reached its conclusion on Tuesday evening as Austria powered past the Netherlands in an enthralling encounter in Berlin.

Ralf Rangnick’s side grabbed an early lead after Donyell Malen turned a cross into his own net, and they dominated much of the first 45 as the Netherlands wasted a couple of chances to equalise.

The second half began in the opposite manner, with Cody Gakpo curling an equaliser past Pentz within five minutes of the restart. The Dutch began to impose themselves on the match, but they were behind again before they knew it as Romano Schmid guided a header past Verbruggen.

With both teams pressing to gain an advantage, the Netherlands were briefly back into it after Depay poked an effort past Pentz, but their parity was once more short-lived. Baumgartner threaded in a pass to Sabitzer, who broke through and rifled an effort into the roof of the Dutch net.

The Netherlands pushed for an equaliser as full-time loomed but Austria held firm to take three points in the German capital, and with them first place in Group D.

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Nobody told Austria this was the group of death - they’ve reshaped the map of Euro 2024

If this was supposed to be the group of death, no one toldAustria.Ralf Rangnick’s endearing underdogs have reshaped the draw, and perhaps the destiny, ofEuro 2024by topping it. They beatNetherlands. More than that, though, they blitzed them; fearless and ferocious, Austria recovered from conceding two equalisers to condemn the Dutch to defeat courtesy ofMarcel Sabitzer’s terrific finish.

They head to Leipzig as group winners. Netherlands, their qualification already assured, nonetheless stumbled from first to third on an eventful afternoon. It is Gelsenkirchen for them.

If Rangnick’s men still needed France to slip up to leapfrog them, and they did, theirs is a historic feat. Not since the 1978 World Cup, when Hans Krankl’s goals ensured they finished above Brazil, have Austria won a group in tournament football.

Now players such as the superb Sabitzer and the unheralded Romano Schmid have a similar feat to their name. Rangnick has another triumph for his blueprint: all-action football has been allied with the ability to respond to setbacks.

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:25


England v Slovenia LIVE

Attention now turns to England’s final game of Group C, as they face Slovenia.

You can follow all the action below, courtesy of The Independent’s live blog.

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Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (4)

England v Slovenia LIVE: Starting line-ups as Southgate drops Alexander-Arnold

Gareth Southgate’s side are under pressure to perform as they look to take top spot in Group C

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:55


Euro 2024 group permutations and third-place standings explained

Linked below are the further permutations for the other groups, including Group C, which finishes tonight.

Gareth Southgate’s side are through to the last-16 with a game to spare, as four points now confirms that England will finish as one of the four best third-placed teams even if they lose to Slovenia. England will top the group if they beat Slovenia. If England draw, Denmark would have the chance to leapfrog them on goal difference if they beat Serbia. Slovenia and Denmark can both finish above England but Serbia cannot due to the head-to-head.

Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (5)

Euro 2024 group permutations and third-place standings explained

Euro 2024 group standings, permutations, and the ranking of the third-placed teams as the final round of fixtures continues with Group C and Group D

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:45


Next matches

With the conclusion of Group D, we now know were Austria and France will play in the last 16.

France will play the second-placed side from Group E (which could be any of Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine or Romania) in Dusseldorf on 1 July.

Austria will face the second-placed team from Group F on 2 July in Leipzig. That could be any of Turkey, Czech Republic or Georgia.

The Netherlands will have to wait to confirm their place in the last 16 and their opponents.

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:35


Group D standings

Here’s how it ends in Group D then.

1 - Austria - 6 points, GD +2

2 - France - 5 points, GD +1

3 - Netherlands - 4 points, GD 0

4 - Poland - 1 point, GD -3

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:15


FULL-TIME! Netherlands 2-3 Austria

A whirlwind evening ends with a crazy finish to Group D. Pre-tournnament favourites France go through in second after three unconvincing performances, with Austria earning their billing as pre-tournament ‘dark horses’ with a first-place finish.

The Netherlands creep through in third after three of their own unconvincing performances, and they could be facing England in the next round...

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:05


FULL-TIME! Netherlands 2-3 Austria

Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (6)

Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (7)

Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (8)

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 19:00


FULL-TIME! Netherlands 2-3 Austria

The referee brings an enthralling encounter to an end, and Austria have taken first place in Group D!

A pulsating game ends 3-2 to Austria, with some brilliant play from Ralf Rangnick’s side.

France go through in second, and the Netherlands will likely be through in third.

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 18:57


Euro 2024: Netherlands 2-3 Austria

97 mins

Austria clear and Sabitzer collects near halfway, but he can’t avoid ceding possession. Austria win it back though, and Sabitzer and Baumgartner are in the corner...

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 18:55


Euro 2024: Netherlands 2-3 Austria

95 mins

We’re almost past the allotted amount of added time, though there’ll be some extra no doubt. Virgil van Dijk launches a long ball forward to Weghorst, but he doesn’t have the pace to get on the end of it.

Chris Wilson25 June 2024 18:54



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Netherlands v Austria LIVE: Latest reaction, analysis and Euro 2024 result (2024)
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