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Apr 19

the guy who self immolated outside Trump's courtroom expressed a lot of normal conspiracy stuff: predictive programming, the secret masters of the world hide sinister plots in plain site using TV and music

he is also obsessed with scams, and not irrationally so Thread by @IwriteOK on Thread Reader App (2)

he considers cryptocurrency as a global ponzi scheme by the elite to destroy civilization. my guess is he lost money in a big way. he is correct that a number of major industrial leaders- Musk and Thiel- are advocates of massive crypto cons, ponzi schemes Thread by @IwriteOK on Thread Reader App (3)

where he errs is in tying this to, well, just about every other ill in society, and nonsense like that the band Devo is a secret message from the rulers of the world about Devolution.

The core of his obsession though is in a very real problem: this country is run by scammers

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Mar 10, 2023

so here's what's happened: there's a bank in Silicon Valley that funds all the gambling tech weirdos did in the low interest rate years

that bank made some bad bets that the good times would continue

now about $160 billion in the richest people's deposits are unsecured

at the moment we are looking at a run on the chief bank for rich gamblers. but banks in the EU and other parts of the US are already down tens of billions in cumulative trades due to the panic

Depending on how it shakes out this could cause rather severe knock on effects

experts I'm reading say for various reasons this is likely to be much less shattering than 2008, but if SBV goes under we can expect the resulting chaos will certainly dominate the news cycle for a while.

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Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans)


Mar 9, 2023

there really aren't many people with weirder life archs than Arnold. trying to explain his existence in like, 150 years is going to be almost impossible

"he was raised by former Nazis in the shadow of war and became a steroid addicted bodybuilder who once told a journalist lifting weights made him feel like cumming. then he tried to star in a movie without speaking the language and later became the biggest star on earth"

"then he got into politics and became the governor of the state with the world's fifth largest economy. he was a right wing ghoul who drove a nightmare truck just to burn gas. then he spent the rest of his life speaking out against climate change and Nazism"

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Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans)


Jan 28, 2023

the start of the Tyre Nichols video shows a group of police, for no discernable reason, immediately escalating to violence, threatening and hitting a young man while shouting contradictory orders at him

they threaten to tase him if he does not lie down, while he is lying down

he escapes. the police attempt to tase him. then they stand around panting and drinking water. they are all absolutely gassed from beating a skinny young man five to one.

Video two shows footage from a light pole camera. We see a fairly calm suburban street. The camera pivots to show four cops and Tyre on the ground. One cop grabs his upper body and repeatedly shoves him into the ground. A second cop joins. A third kicks Tyre in the head.

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Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans)


Dec 16, 2022

this is the only show I've ever wanted to write for

look, on the off chance someone involved with this show follows me, this is my audition:

i swear to god no one who has ever graduated from college knows more about Warhammer 40k than me.

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Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans)


Dec 8, 2022

Since September we have attacks on at least five power substations in Washington and Oregon. Multiple stations taken out in North Carolina. An attack on power workers in South Carolina. And now intrusions in at least four locations in Florida.

Now part of the story here is that vandalism etc on power substations is more common than you'd guess. A number of these are likely business as usual. But in 2023 a group of Nazis in North Carolina was arrested for plotting to attack power infastructure in the PNW and NC.

One of the issues reporting this is that since the attacks on North Carolina are a big deal, media is now reporting every "intrusion" they find evidence of. That is going to muddy the waters but the recent SC attack and PNW attacks do not seem "normal".

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